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Capoeira Angola Quintal Boston

Mary Flynn Murphy Dance Studio

730 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144


Wed: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Sun: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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What is capoeira?

Capoeira is a martial art, hidden in dance. It was brought to Brazil by African slaves in the mid 1500s. After the abolition of slavery, capoeira survived in Brazil's poorer neighborhoods despite government repression and police persecution. Today, Capoeira is taught around the world, with each group incorporating its own blend of movements, music, and philosophy.

CAQ Boston

We train and play in a supportive environment that emphasizes a thoughtful, creative, and technically sophisticated approach to capoeira. Most classes begin with music training, then movement training, and finally a roda (pronounced: "HO-duh"), where we all play each other applying what we practice.

Our Lineage

Mestre Ombrinho

Mestre Ombrinho is the head instructor at the New York Capoeira Center. With over 30 years practicing capoeira and over 24 years teaching, he is the first North American Capoeira Master. He is renowned for making the art of capoeira accessible to people of all ages and abilities. He began studying capoeira in 1981 with Mestre Acordeon and Mestre Jelon.

Contra-Mestre Graveto

Contra-Mestre Graveto has studied and trained under Mestre Ombrinho, Mestre Nô, Contra-Mestre Pererê for over 15 years and has dedicated himself to the continuation of Capoeira Angola and in enriching the lives of those that it touches. In addition to leading a group in Ithaca, he provides intensive guidance to students around the country including CAQ Boston.



Gafanhoto has been training capoeira for seven years directly under Contra-Mestre Graveto. He strives to pass on the thoughtful, insightful approach that C.M. Graveto brings to the game. Gafa is a filmmaker and is currently pursuing funding to travel to Brazil to complete a feature-length documentary about capoeira.


Gigante has been training for seven years. He was first introduced to capoeira through C.M. Carcará of Capoeira Mandinga Rochester. After moving to Boston and hopping around different regional and angola groups, he became captivated by CAQ's style, strategy, and community as shared by C.M. Graveto, Mestre Ombrinho, and Gafanhoto.


Music is fundamental to our practice. The songs, sung in Portuguese, transmit capoeira's history and philosophy. They are played with traditional instruments and employ different rhythms, which are carefully used to establish and react to the tone of the game. The music helps create the movement and the movement helps create the music. Through our music practice we learn to harmonize and improvise with the people around us, inside and outside of the roda.


Capoeira began in Africa, was brought to Brazil, and is now spreading all over the world. It has survived repression from colonial slave-owners and authoritarian governments. CAQ Boston is part of capoeira's deep tradition and continuing evolution. Whether a beginner or a mestre, we all help to create great capoeira by sharing our sounds and movements.

You are welcome to join us!

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